Potomac Ridge Board of Directors

President: Chris Blake
Vice President: Brenda Brohard
Treasurer: Robert Kellner
Secretary: Bill Mercier
Director: Tim Taylor

Board of Directors Meeting Agendas/Packets
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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
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Duties of the Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is tasked with upholding the Governing Documents (ByLaws and Declaration) of the Association through maintaining and implementing policy as it regards to the daily operation of the Association.  While the Building Manager is charged with carrying out the decisions of the Board of Directors, it is the resident representatives that make up the Board that approve all policy pertaining to Potomac Ridge.  The duties of the Board of Directors include, but are not limited to:

The Board of Directors is the Policy Making organization for Potomac Ridge.  The President, working closely with the Building Manager, and on behalf of the Board, works to ensure that day to day activities and management decisions are consistent and supportive of the Building Policies enunciated in the various governing documents including our declaration and bylaws.  Additionally, the policies of Potomac Ridge are managed to comply with Virginia Code.  Key Board of Director policies and decisions are supported and applied by the Board’s responsibilities to:

    • Prepare and adopt an Annual Budget which has been fully reviewed and approved by a majority of the owners.
    • Adopt or amend any rules and regulations provided they are in accordance with the Association’s Governing Documents and the Virginia Condominium Act.
    • Make, or contract for the making of, repairs, additions and improvements to or alternations and restoration of the property.