How is Potomac Ridge managed and governed?

Potomac Ridge is self-governed and professionally managed through its Unit Owners Association. It is part of Lansdowne Woods of Virginia which is likewise professionally managed and self-governed through a condominium association. Condominium associations are governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia.


What are the Condominium fees and how are they used?

A single monthly condominium fee supports the functioning and maintenance of the Potomac Ridge residences, the Leisure World campus, and the Lansdowne Conservancy. The amount you pay for Potomac Ridge is set by the Association Board and varies according to the size of the unit. The amount of the fee going to Lansdowne Woods and the Lansdowne Conservancy are likewise established by their Boards.


What maintenance am I responsible for?

As a Potomac Ridge unit owner, you would be responsible maintenance of the interior of your residence. All common area and exterior building maintenance is handled by the building management. The Unit Owners Association provides twice yearly HVAC preventative maintenance inspections for each residence; however, repairs to the HVAC unit are the responsibility of the unit owner.  The Lansdowne Woods common area grounds and parking lots are maintained by Lansdowne Woods of Virginia.
Can I have a pet?

Yes. One dog or up to two cats are allowed per unit.  Caged birds are not to exceed two per unit.  Dogs must be on leash when outside, and there are plenty of areas for dog-walking outside the Potomac Ridge building and on the Lansdowne Woods campus. Dog-owners are expected to pick-up dog waste and deposit it in marked containers around the grounds.
Is the building secure?

Access to the Potomac Ridge building is by key or key fob. Visitors must call your residence from the lobby to be buzzed inside.  A surveillance camera in the front lobby will show residents the visitor on a designated TV channel. Residents are allowed to provide family members with a key. In addition, Lansdowne Woods is a gated community with a security station that is staffed 24 hours a day.
Are services easily available in the area?

The Lansdowne Town Center is a short drive from Leisure World. It has a grocery store, cleaners, beauty shops, and several restaurants. Within a two-mile radius is Ashburn Village, with grocery and other stores, a gas station, bank and restaurants; INOVA Hospital; and numerous physicians’ and dentists’ offices. The Leisure World Clubhouse contains a restaurant, PNC branch bank, beauty shop and an audiologist’s office. The city of Leesburg is approximately four miles away. Shopping centers, restaurants, movie theaters, grocery stores and big box stores are abound in Leesburg and the surrounding suburban areas. Dulles Town Center, one of Northern Virginia’s largest malls, is just a few miles away. Most residents drive, but there is a Lansdowne Woods bus which frequents the local shopping areas.
Is there internet service?

Cable and Internet service is provided by Comcast.  Basic cable service is provided by the Association and paid for through your monthly condo assessment.  Residents wishing to upgrade to premium channels or those wanting to subscribe to internet service will pay Comcast directly for the added services.
Will I have a garage and storage space outside my unit?

The building has 4 garages, two on the lobby level and 2 on the parking level.  Garage parking spaces are limited common elements and not all units have garage spaces. Garage spaces occasionally come up for purchase. Ample parking is available in lots in front of the building, and a small lot in the back.

All units have one (1) assigned storage space located either on the lobby level or parking level.
Where can I get more information about Lansdowne Woods ?

Please visit the Lansdowne Woods web site at: