Prospective Buyers

If you are thinking of making a move to a more carefree lifestyle in an active adult community, Potomac Ridge in Lansdowne Woods may well be the right place for you.

Our residents include people who work full- or part-time, the newly-retired and long-time retirees. Many residents moved here from nearby communities in Virginia and Maryland. Others have come from across the country to retire near family or to take advantage of the extraordinary quality of life in Northern Virginia and the Washington, D.C. area.

Potomac Ridge is one of four high-rise and one low-rise buildings in Lansdowne Woods.  The building contains one-, two- and three-bedroom units. Pets are welcome. Residences on the east side of the building look out over the landscaped Lansdowne Woods  campus and toward the Potomac River. Those on the west side overlook woods and a garden area in addition to the beautiful Lansdowne Resort and golf course.

Potomac Ridge residents enjoy an active lifestyle. We plan and conduct a variety of events within the building, such as movie nights, potlucks or holiday catered dinners, lectures, parties and club activities. We take local trips, and some do foreign travel. Our residents enjoy walking or biking the many trails in the area. Many also participate in the full array of sports, fitness, cultural and entertainment activities offered through Lansdowne Woods.

Below are a few FAQs which may answer some of the questions you have about living at Potomac Ridge and in Lansdowne Woods. Please feel free to contact a local realtor who can arrange for you to visit currently available units in Potomac Ridge.

For questions regarding rules and regulations or building lifestyle, please contact the Potomac Ridge Management Office at (703) 723-9666, or email the Assistant Manager, Carol DuPuis, at

Feel free to read our Rules and Regulations Handbook for further information about living at Potomac Ridge.

Condominium Layouts

One bedroom

Two bedroom

Three bedroom

Condos for Sale  Please note each building in Lansdowne Woods functions as a separate Condo Association and therefore some policies may be different from building to building. 


How is Potomac Ridge managed and governed?

Potomac Ridge is self-governed and professionally managed through its Unit Owners Association. It is part of Lansdowne Woods which is likewise professionally managed and self-governed through a condominium association. Condominium associations are governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia.


What are the Condominium fees and how are they used?

A single monthly condominium fee supports the functioning and maintenance of the Potomac Ridge residences, the Lansdowne Woods campus, and the Landsdowne Conservancy. The amount you pay for Potomac Ridge is set by the Association Board and varies according to the size of the unit. The amount of the fee going to Lansdowne Woods and the Landsdowne Conservancy are likewise established by their Boards. Potomac Ridge boasts the lowest monthly condo fee rates of all of the buildings in Lansdowne Woods!

Condo fees support the 24/7 security provided by the front gate; the maintenance of the beautiful grounds; support and maintenance of the clubhouse, including the tennis courts, pool, fitness center, and other amenities; our Management Office, including the Building Manager, Assistant Manager, two engineers and cleaning staff; maintenance and refurbishment of the Potomac Ridge building.  Basic cable and water usage is also included in the condo fees.


What maintenance am I responsible for?

As a Potomac Ridge unit owner, you would be responsible only for the interior of your residence. The Unit Owners Association provides twice yearly HVAC maintenance (including filter replacement) and drain treatment inside each residence.  All exterior building maintenance is handled by the building management. The exterior grounds, landscaping, streets and parking lots are maintained by Lansdowne Woods.


Can I have a pet?

Yes!  Lansdowne Woods is a pet-friendly community. One dog and/or up to two cats are allowed. Dogs must be on leash when outside, and there are plenty of areas for dog-walking outside the Potomac Ridge building and on the Lansdowne Woods campus. Dog-owners are expected to pick-up dog waste and deposit it in marked containers around the grounds.  There is a “pet-free” elevator for residents who may have allergies to our furry friends.


Is the building secure?

Access to the Potomac Ridge building is by key or key fob. Visitors must call your residence from the lobby to be buzzed inside.  A surveillance camera in the front lobby will show residents the visitor on a designated TV channel. Residents are allowed to provide family members with a key. In addition, Leisure World is a gated community with a security station that is staffed 24 hours a day.  If residents do not notify the security gate of coming visitors, visitors may be turned away and denied access to the premises.


Are services easily available in the area?

The Lansdowne Commons village is a walkable distance or a short drive from Lansdowne Woods. It has a grocery store, cleaners, beauty shops, and several restaurants. Within a two-mile radius is Ashburn Village, with grocery and other stores, a gas station, bank and restaurants; INOVA Hospital; and numerous physicians’ and dentists’ offices. The Lansdowne Woods Club House contains a restaurant, branch bank, beauty shop and an audiologist’s office. The city of Leesburg is approximately four miles away. Shopping centers, restaurants, movie theaters, grocery stores and big box stores abound in Leesburg and the surrounding suburban areas. Dulles Center, one of Northern Virginia’s largest malls is just a few miles away. Most residents drive, but there is a Lansdowne Woods bus which frequents the local shopping areas.


Is there T.V. and Internet service?

Yes, the monthly condominium dues include basic Comcast cable TV and Internet service to each unit. Residents may choose to upgrade their cable subscription to include premium channels for an additional cost which they will be billed for by Comcast.  Telephone service is independently setup by residents and is available through either Comcast or Verizon.  Phone service (landline or mobile) is necessary in order to be able to buzz visitors in through the front door.


Will I have a garage and storage space outside my unit?

The building has 4 garages, two on the lobby level and 2 on the parking level.  Garage parking spaces are limited common elements and not all units have garage spaces. Garage spaces occasionally come up for purchase. Ample parking is available in lots in front of the building, and a small lot in the back.

All units have one (1) assigned storage space located either on the lobby level or parking level.


Where can I get more information about Lansdowne Woods?

Please visit the Lansdowne Woods web site at: