Prospective Buyer FAQs

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We have a special website with information especially helpful to realtors which we call the ‘Realtor’s Toolkit’ which can be accessed here. The website for Lansdowne Woods can be accessed here.

Yes! Lansdowne Woods is a pet-friendly community. One dog and/or up to two cats are allowed. Dogs must be on leash when outside, and there are plenty of areas for dog-walking outside the Potomac Ridge building and on the Lansdowne Woods campus. Dog-owners can deposit dog waste in marked containers around the grounds.

Access to the Potomac Ridge building is by key or key fob. Visitors must call your residence from the lobby to be buzzed inside. A surveillance camera in the front lobby will show residents the visitor on a designated TV channel. Residents are allowed to provide family members with a key.

In addition, Lansdowne Woods is a gated community with a security station that is staffed 24 hours a day. Residents notify the security gate of coming visitors to ensure the property’s security.

The Lansdowne Town Center is a walkable distance or a short drive from Lansdowne Woods. It has a grocery store, cleaners, beauty shops, and several restaurants. Within a two-mile radius is Ashburn Village, with grocery and other stores, a gas station, banks and restaurants. In addition, the Loudoun Fire Department, Loudoun Sheriff’s office and the INOVA Loudoun Hospital as well as numerous physicians’ and dentists’ offices are approximately one mile away.

The town of Leesburg is approximately four miles away, with quaint mom and pop stores, restaurants, movie theaters, and grocery stores. The Dulles Center and Leesburg Premium Outlets are also a few miles away, too. Most residents drive, but there is a Lansdowne Woods bus that frequents the local shopping areas.

Yes, the monthly condominium dues include basic Comcast cable TV and high-speed (100Mbps) Internet service to each unit. Residents may choose to upgrade their cable subscription to include premium channels for an additional cost which they will be billed for by Comcast. Telephone service is independently setup by residents and is available through either Comcast or Verizon.

The building has 4 garages, two on the lobby level and 2 on the parking level, with 118 spaces which are separately deeded: not all units have garage spaces. Garage spaces occasionally come up for purchase or lease however. Ample parking is available in lots in front of the building close to the main entrance, and in a small lot in the back of the building.

All units have one (1) assigned indoor storage space located either on the lobby level or parking level.

Potomac Ridge is self-governed and professionally managed through its Unit Owners Association. It is part of Lansdowne Woods which is likewise professionally managed and self-governed through a Homeowners Association. Condominium HOA's are governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

A single monthly condominium fee supports the functioning and maintenance of the Potomac Ridge residences, the Lansdowne Woods campus, and the Lansdowne Conservancy. The amount you pay for Potomac Ridge is set by the Association Board and varies according to the size of the unit. The amount of the fee going to Lansdowne Woods and the Lansdowne Conservancy are likewise established by their Boards. Potomac Ridge boasts the lowest monthly condo fee rates of all of the buildings in Lansdowne Woods!

Condo fees support the 24/7 security provided by the front gate; the maintenance of the beautiful grounds; support and maintenance of the clubhouse, including the tennis courts, pool, fitness center, and other amenities; our Management Office, including the Building Manager, Assistant Manager, two engineers and cleaning staff; maintenance and refurbishment of the Potomac Ridge building. Basic cable, internet and water usage is also included in the condo fees.

As a Potomac Ridge unit owner, you would be responsible only for the interior of your residence. The Unit Owners Association provides twice yearly HVAC maintenance (including filter replacement) and drain treatment inside each residence. All exterior building maintenance is handled by the building management. The exterior grounds, landscaping, streets and parking lots are maintained by Lansdowne Woods.

The new resident needs to call the Management Office to initiate the move in process:

Schedule the New Resident Orientation with the Management Office at least 2 weeks before the scheduled move-in date. Orientation usually takes about one hour.

Schedule the move-in date with the Management Office, which is open Monday through Friday.

Move-ins can only be conducted Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. – not on evenings, weekends, or holidays.

A move can start at 9:00 a.m. and no later than 11:00 a.m.

The Condominium is designed to provide housing for older persons. In furtherance of this:

  1. In at least eighty percent of the units at least one resident must be at least 55 years of age. At least one resident in each unit must be at least 55 years of age without the prior written approval of the Covenants Committee.
  2. No other resident in a unit may be under 45 years of age, except as follows:

(i)        a person under the age of 18 years may occupy the unit, but not for an aggregate of more than thirty days in any calendar year;

(ii)       any other person under 45 years of age may occupy the unit, but not for an aggregate of more than ninety days in any calendar year; and

(iii)      a disabled relative of a resident of the unit, if such resident is at least 45 years of age, may occupy the unit with such resident.